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At 236 lbs and 23 years old, I had high blood pressure, no stamina, and extremely low confidence and self-love. I had no energy to do anything and began hating myself for it and how I looked. I had always told myself to never reach - let alone surpass - 200 lbs. I hated showing any skin, absolutely despised shopping for any clothing, and suffered socially and in relationships because I was so embarrassed and upset with myself and appearance.


I don’t fully recall the moment I realized enough was enough, but mid-August I reached out to Janet at Thrive 360 after a friend told me about her and believing that gym would be a great fit for me. I recognized I needed the accountability of someone being there to push me, or I would (yet again) fall of the tracks. At that time in my life Janet was exactly who I needed to jumpstart my healthier lifestyle; she pushed me carefully while supporting me and helping me see my worth and capabilities. My first eye-opener was at my first weigh-in one month after starting with Janet. I was down 12.8 lbs and 15.9 inches all around my body! Maybe I could do it.

I was beginning to enjoy the gym environment and feeling more confident in and outside of the gym. At almost a year in, I changed trainers to Katie who again, was exactly who I needed at the time. She began to teach and encourage me in the gym as well as the kitchen. (Which is still something I struggle with) Together we tried a variety of work-out programs, from heavy weights and muscle building, to deadlifting routines and currently strength-training with cardio bursts (which appears to be the best fit for me at the moment).

As of now I am down more than 30 lbs, and I am feeling more healthy, happy, confident and energetic than I have since high school. I am no star student; I still have my lazy days where I do nothing but sit around, and I will still eat unhealthy snacks/processed foods on occasion. I’ve learned that balance is the best for me and my lifestyle. I haven’t completely eliminated foods from my diet, instead I make healthier choices and have smaller portion-sizes. I don’t exercise everyday; some days I am just too tired and want to do nothing. And that is okay!

My advice for those who may be struggling? Start slowly. Find someone to be accountable to as well as yourself. Take your time; no weight-loss is or ever should be ‘fast’, ‘quick’ or ‘easy’ like fads and media tell us they can be. Understand that it’s okay to not be perfect in the gym or kitchen all of the time. Don’t fully rely on a scale, but rather the way your clothes fit and how you feel. Celebrate every triumph no matter how small. Set small and larger goals for yourself, and reward yourself in a way that is special for you whenever you reach a goal. Lastly, don’t give up on yourself - You can do it!



When I was in my teens, I was fit. I played some sports. I ran. I swam. I lifted weights as a hobby. Over the course of the next 30 years, things gradually slipped. I smoked. I ate poorly. I drank too much and too often. I went from a physical outdoors profession to working in front of a computer. I made overall unhealthy lifestyle choices. These decisions lead me to a place where the doctor started talking about high blood pressure. I could see that I was on the same path my father had taken, which ended up with him having a heart attack in his fifties. As with all things in life, I knew the key ingredient in changing, was to come from within. I also realized that it had taken years/decades to get where I was at, and I wasn’t going to get back to where I wanted to be in a month. It was going to take time.

My fitness journey started about seven years ago, age 45, when I decided to give up smoking. It wasn’t easy, but I made up my mind, and I did it. I was also fortunate to have access to a small gym at my place of employment. There were a couple of pieces of cardio equipment, a cable machine and some small dumbbells. The first day on the elliptical…15 minutes seemed a lifetime. My body quivered after, but I recovered by the next day. Over the next few months, I gradually increased to a 45 minute session, 4 times a week. Truthfully, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but something was better than nothing. I enjoyed the increasing capacity in my lungs, and I could see small changes happening in my physique.

At home I switched out Coke for fruit juice (later to fridge cooled water). I got to a point where I felt I wanted more than just access to a gym. A friend recommended Thrive360 and having watched her journey for a few months, I thought “why not?”.


I am not a shy person, but I can still remember that first day walking in for my initial assessment. I had a preconceived notion of what gym culture is, and had prepared for a place crammed with self-obsessed shallow people. I was prepared to be judged. I was just going to put my head down and focus on my work and my goals, and coming to this place was a means to achieving them. I was more than a little off. There were people from all walks of life, in all degrees of fitness. I knew lots of them. There was a warm acknowledgement from many, yet this was a place of work.

Up to this point, I had never had a personal trainer. I thought it was a bit overkill. Couldn’t a poster tell me what I need to know/how to use each piece of equipment (insert belly laughter here from future me!) So, it has been seven years that I have been with Thrive360, I am still on my journey and loving it. It is now a lifestyle, and Thrive360 is the place in which I find both comfort and inspiration.

My personal trainer(s) challenge me each session. I have a session once every two weeks. They do the “heavy lifting” with regards to my routines, providing me with new ones at regular intervals. Each other person at this gym is on their own path, and the destinations for each are different. It’s all about where you want to go and what you are willing to do to get there. A personal trainer is a guide who uses their knowledge and skill to help you achieve your goals. I derive pleasure and inspiration from watching people as they progress, because I now how good it feels to improve, even just a little. We don’t have much certainty these days but I can say this with full confidence- without Thrive360 I would not be where I am today.

Thrive360 is easy access to fitness routine that meets our households needs.  LOVE the 24/7 access. Trainers are knowledgeable to meet our concerns.  We feel comfortable accessing training if our routines lag.  The environment is clean, accessible well maintained equipment, no pressure/friendly/supportive atmosphere.


Love this place!!  The online training has been so helpful and convenient.  The ladies are very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Katie has been a blast to work out with and makes workouts more enjoyable.  She keeps me motivated and knows when I need the extra push!


Great staff and selection of equipment! Always lots of room to move around and get your workout in.


Jordan is one those trainers that you can feel completely comfortable around. I was nervous in the beginning about going to a male trainer but was quickly at ease with Jordan. He is very encouraging and gives helpful advice without being condescending. Every workout with him is different and fun. I have had many laughs with him and look forward to every workout! I highly recommend him and a thrive 360 for their huge variety of equipment and space. 5 stars from me!


I injured my knee in September of 2018.  I went to Thrive360, got a great assessment from Robin and started personal training with Katie.  2 years later I can’t believe how much stronger I am.  Everyday tasks are so much easier.  I have a 12ft Christmas tree that is in 4 parts.  The third piece is the heaviest and has to be lifted above my head.  In past years I have struggled to lift it.  Always used a ladder and it always took 2 or 3 attempts.  I was dreading it this year.  To my amazement, I carried it upstairs and lifted it from the floor and put it together first try!  I will never have a perfect bikini body, but the strength to accomplish everyday tasks as I age is priceless!  Thanks Thrive360!


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